Tree Trimming

   Free quotes to:

    -  Remove limbs from over your house OR your neighbor's house
    -  Remove low hanging limbs that get in your way or obstruct the view of your home
    -  Trim out the dead branches to make the tree look fresh again
    -  Trim the tree away from power lines and other structures
    -  Trim younger trees for long term structural integrity*

*A note on what we mean by "structural integrity."  The structure a tree has when it's small is the same structure it will have when it is large.  Structural problems are easy to correct when the tree is smaller or even medium-sized. Typically, a healthy structure includes only one dominant, central branch at the top of the tree.  No two branches grow too close to one another on healthy trees, and bark doesn't rub, especially at the base of any limbs.

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